Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Eukaryotic cell structure

I've decided that I'll be doing the structure of eukaryotic cells, so I need to do a lot more in depth research on the subject. Also i need to decided whether I'm going to be doing animal or plant eukaryotic cells.

Plants, animals, fungi and protista are composed of eukaryotic cells. In these cells organelles create compartments where specific biochemical reactions occur.
Quite a useful site for the structure of plant and animal cells-

Animal vs. Plant Cell

Typical Animal Cell

Typical Plant Cell

Differences between Animal and Plant cells

Cell wall:
Animal Cell

Plant Cell

Present (formed of cellulose)
Shape:Round (irregular shape)Rectangular (fixed shape)
Vacuole:One or more small vacuoles (much smaller than plant cells).One, large central vacuole taking up 90% of cell volume.
Centrioles:Present in all animal cellsOnly present in lower plant forms.
Chloroplast:Animal cells don't have chloroplastsPlant cells have chloroplasts because they make their own food
Plasma Membrane:only cell membranecell wall and a cell membrane
Lysosomes:Lysosomes occur in cytoplasm.Lysosomes usually not evident.
Cilia:PresentIt is very rare

Still a little unsure of which to do. Will need to think about it a little bit more until I'm sure of which one to do. But I'm starting to think of how I want to show my animation. I'm thinking of making the inside of the cell like an environment that your taken through and you see each part of the cell structure and it's animated in a way that shows how it functions and each structure functions.

Commission project initial research

Monday, 25 February 2013

Friday, 22 February 2013

Art of Publication

Unit 3 Storytelling Presentation



Prop Concept art

Character Concept art

Below are some experimentations with my two characters colour scheme and then my final concept art for both characters.

Final Character Concepts

Creative Partnership

From Sam to Kym
-You are right about the dresses - they are all lovely! I suppose number 6 should be a good choice, though in my opinion all of them should work just fine. As for the girl - be careful! Faces are tricky to design! I'd recommend LOTS of influential and inspirational pictures just to get sure what you are looking for in the design of the girl : D Good luck! Can't wait to see more : )
-I really like the last one! It really gives the feeling of solitude and loneliness on
- I really like the house, both interior and exterior. Are you going to paint them digitally? If yes, then is the house going to be all dark, old and scary inside? I can see it with ripped off wallpaper, spider web etc :D Good job anyway, these look nice!
- Wow, these are really clean clean and neat! Cool stuff :D, the pre-viz movment is going to look so funny :DDD

From Kym to Sam
-I like number 2 has really expressive eyes and I like his head shape a bit more than 3 :)
-I really like number 1, he has such a cheeky grin on his face :P
I quite like idea number 2 and 5, number 2 has a lot you could expand on and play around with, and number 5 I think could be really interesting, you might just have to make the story a bit simpler to fit into 1 minute :)


43 Aberdeen Mews Pre-Viz

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Friday, 15 February 2013

Environment Concept Art

I've finished my four concept art pieces for my environment. I was really out of my comfort zone with this trying a very different style from my own. But in the end I'm pretty happy with the way they came out, and I'm confident I can do my characters in the same style.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Final Environment Sketches

These are just the final sketches for my environments. I still need to put colour and take it into Photoshop but I have the basic outlines of what I'll be working with.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Maya Tutorial Spot Check

All Tutorials can be found -
Individual links are below. 

Intro to Autodesk Maya
Geometry Types -
Character Part 1: Modelling-
Texturing Part 1: Common Shaders-
Texturing Part 2: UV Maps-
Lighting & Rendering Part 1: Light & Shadow (Tutorial at 1hr 20mins)-
Character Part 3: Lighting & Rendering-
Animation Part 1: Using Rigs (Tutorial at 14 mins - Car Only)-
Animation Part 2: Using Motion Paths-
Animation Part 3: Using MEL-

Lighting & Rendering 1: Intro to Lighting

Part 1: Exterior Lighting - Mid Day-
Part 2: Exterior Lighting - Sunset-
Part 3: Exterior Lighting - Romantic-
Part 4: Exterior Lighting - Night-
Part 5: Interior Lighting - Sunset-

Modelling 1: Digital Sets

Pre-Viz 1: Intro to Pre-Visualisation

Camera Control Part 1: Creating a Camera Rig-
Camera Control Part 2: Pan Shot-
Camera Control Part 2: Roll Shot-
Camera Control Part 2: Pitch Shot-
Camera Control Part 3: Crane Shot-
Camera Control Part 3: Dolly Shot-

Camera Control- Crane and Dolly

Dolly Shot

Crane Shot

Creatating a Camera Rig

I didn't really know how I should show this so I just took a screen shot of the four panels in Maya.

Camera Control- Pan, Roll and Pitch

Panning Shot

Roll Shot



Pitch shot

Old Alley Final Render

Here is my completed Old Aleey scene

Whimsy Kitchen

Here is my final render of the Whimsy Kitchen.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Environment designs: Interior, exterior and street

Did a few more thumbnails to figure out how I want the interior of the house to look. The second image is closer to how I want the house to look. Now that I have the basic outline of how I want things I can move into Photoshop and start playing around with the composition a bit more and colour. 

I also started to think about how the exterior of the house should look I started off with a front on view but I thought it looked a bit 'stale' so I did a drawing from the side and I think it looks a lot better that way. I need to move this into Photoshop now and play around with colour and composition, also need to add some foreground to the image so it's not just a house in the middle of nowhere.

Lastly I started to think about how I want the street that the little girl is found on to look like and I think in the second thumbnail i pretty much got what i wanted. Now its just about playing around with small details and colour.

Friday, 8 February 2013

OGR Part 2

Environment Sketches: House interior

I started thinking about how I want my inside of the house to look so started thumbnailing my ideas down. I  know the basics of what I want in the interior of the house it's just figuring out how I'm going to arrange everything. 

Character Sketches: Young Woman

Did some rough sketches of what my other character will look like need to start putting the whole character together before I make some more adjustments and put the colour palate together.

Below are the rough first ideas of how the young woman's face and hair will be like, not quite happy with the face yet but I like the hair in number 7 except I want it to be the same length as number 6.

Below i did some sketches of her clothes. Both the hair and the clothing is styled after the 1940's. I want her to be wearing something simple not quite sure what dress yet I think I'll need to start picking out colours and patterns on the dress before i will be able to decide.

Life Drawing