Sunday, 10 February 2013

Environment designs: Interior, exterior and street

Did a few more thumbnails to figure out how I want the interior of the house to look. The second image is closer to how I want the house to look. Now that I have the basic outline of how I want things I can move into Photoshop and start playing around with the composition a bit more and colour. 

I also started to think about how the exterior of the house should look I started off with a front on view but I thought it looked a bit 'stale' so I did a drawing from the side and I think it looks a lot better that way. I need to move this into Photoshop now and play around with colour and composition, also need to add some foreground to the image so it's not just a house in the middle of nowhere.

Lastly I started to think about how I want the street that the little girl is found on to look like and I think in the second thumbnail i pretty much got what i wanted. Now its just about playing around with small details and colour.

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  1. Evening! Does the house have to look very safe and ordinary to begin with? After all, you don't want your audience guessing what sort of story this really is? If so, I'd probably stay away from anything too grand, because there could already be a bit of a hint of what is to come; does it need to be a bit more like...

    Or, conversely, it could all be a bit more like the houses in Orlando's Celebration town - more elaborate and detached, but very sacchrine-sweet: