Friday, 27 February 2015

Texturing and modelling progress

I didn't particularly like the way that the first set of textures turned out on the models so I decided to re-texture. Below are the new texture tests I did and the one on the top right is what I eventually decided to go with. 

Below are some images of the process I went through to do the textures. First I start off with a black water colour base and then fine liner followed by colour pencil on top. I actually altered the way I did the textures from the tests above because I decided they needed a little more depth to them.

There are two of the texture maps I still need to do. I ran out of fine liner so I was unable to do them yet, but for the moment all the rest are done and applied.

I also started modelling the rest of my structure I haven't gotten very far with it yet as I had to spend a bit of time tidying up the existing model there were a few extra pieces of geometry and faces that mysteriously disappeared. Also I noticed that the scale of the banisters was off by quite a bit compared to the scale of the rest of the model so I had to fix that as well.