Friday, 24 April 2015

Pre-viz drafts and final pre-viz

Pre-viz Draft 05

Pre-viz Draft 06 (a)

Pre-viz Draft 06 (b)

Pre-viz Draft 07

Pre-viz Draft 07 (b)

Finished Pre-viz

There are a few things I'll be altering and changing in post production like adding in extra sound effects but for the moment this is my finished pre-viz.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Animation Drafts

I did quite a few different versions of the same part but in the end I still like Pre Viz Draft 02 (b) the best, it just works better. With Pre Viz Draft 03 the end and the timing of the animation didn't quite work so Pre Viz Draft 04 was fixing the timings and alter the ending part of it. There will probably be a few more tweaks to do once all the animating is done and it's all put together.

Pre Viz Draft 02 (c)

Pre Viz Draft 02 (d)

Pre Viz Draft 02 (e)

Pre Viz Draft 02 (f)

Pre Viz Draft 03

Pre Viz Draft 04

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Animation Drafts

I've been quite ill for the last week so progress has been slow, but I've done a quick animation of a camera going through my environment just to show the model as a whole because there are a lot of different parts to it and it's hard to show the model through stills. And then I've been starting to work out what I'm going to be doing with the camera animation along with the music.

After listening to my music a couple of hundred times I made notes and started to form together the basis of what I want to happen with the camera. I know a lot of it will change the one part I have done has already got two separate versions both shown below.

Pre Viz Draft_02

Pre Viz Draft_02_(b)