Friday, 8 February 2013

OGR Part 2

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  1. OGR 09/02/2013

    Morning Kym,

    Oh dear... what a BORING OGR! :( (Not a boring story idea - it's a GREAT story idea - note the distinction).

    Your storyboard is TERRIBLE, Kym - it was obviously produced very quickly and it communicates very little about your intentions - and it's useless in terms of helping me gauge your awareness of screen craft, composition, visual grammar. You should be way beyond this stage - you should WANT to be way beyond this stage. You're not ready and, on the strength of this second OGR, you're going to struggle to pass this unit: reality check - there is so much more work ahead of you, Kym - and I'm worried you've underestimated the workload.


    There is such a high standard of work coming from your classmates, I can't help but admit to my disappointment and frustration with all this last-minute tokenism. I don't get it; why don't you WANT to be more credible? What are you waiting for, Kym? You always wait. You always do the minimum for as long as possible before the crunch of a looming deadline MAKES you get your act together. It's so - boring.

    I think I know the answer to this - you obviously struggle to get down to work because you still have a school-based relationship to project briefs - i.e. it's still about what you think others want from you, as opposed to what YOU want from you! This is babyish, Kym - those days are long gone. You're not at school and the brutal truth is no one else really cares if you make the work or not, because a) you're paying 'not' to make it (not to learn, not to grow, not to excel) - which is absurd, and b) because, ultimately, the job market is highly-competitive and won't look twice at mediocre individuals.

    Now - and this is the important bit - I don't think for one minute that you're a mediocre individual, and I also know that you're capable of more - because I've seen it. I have high expectations of my year one students, but I'm beginning to wonder if you can turn it around in time and if Year 2 will prove just too challenging for you. Your attitude to your own studies sucks - simple as - and until you turn this around, formative feedback will never be about the interesting stuff - about the content.

    If you think I'm singling you out - I am - but don't waste your energy resenting me, because I'm doing it because I give a shit. If you are feeling a bit miffed with the tone of this feedback, I suggest you take a moment to look at the following examples of what your OGR could and should have been - and the imagine things from my point of view.

    I suggest you take a moment to look again at the brief, Kym - and the assessment criteria; turn this around - and in regard to storyboards and character design, there is an expectation of quality inferred by the resources available to you on myUCA - I want to see character design and I want to see presentation storyboards that use the conventions of illustrated storyboards.

    Come on, Kym - you're better than this; cleverer than this, more sophisticated than this. Onwards!