Monday, 29 October 2012

Secret Lairs: Undead Mob Boss

For this project we are asked to create a secret lair for our allocated characters, we are to do this as concept art and then a final scene in Maya. I was quite lucky in that my character and there attribute are an Undead Mob boss, which are both great to do and I'm looking forward to getting started.
Undead immediately Zombies and vampires spring to mind, I know theres way more but off the top of my head can't think of much else. And then theres the mob boss can have a classic villain lair, can look at films like James Bond, The Godfather, Bugsy Malone etc..

Friday, 26 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces crit presentation

Cinematic Spaces Presentation

Final Piece: Concept 3

This is my third piece overlooking the polluted city, This on was really hard to do. I like the background but the foreground needs more detail, but overtime I put the detail in it came out wrong, guess I just need more practice in photoshop to get it right.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Final Piece: Concept 2

Here is my second concept for the passage about the catherdral, this one didnt take as long as the last one, getting a bit more farmiliar with photoshop.

Final Piece: Concept 1

Here is my concept 1 final for the run down suburb, not a huge fan of this one just because I don't really like painting scenes like this, but as my first digital painting I'm happy with the way it came out.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Life drawing

This week We were looking at perspective and foreshortening in a figure and how that affects the proportions of the body.

CD design & Cover design

This is the design for my CD just using one of my thumbnails that I did for my second concept. 

This is the design for my front cover, didn't want anything to complicated so just created a brush that had a basic outline of a building. 

"Barbarella" (1968) Roger Vadim


Concept 3: Thumbnails

Just sorting out a few more details with my concept 3 such as what the towers going to look like a few outlines of buildings I can put into the final piece and changing the angle of what you see in the foreground  which was suggested by Phil, he said as it was before it was a little to stale.

Concept 1: Thumbnails

Finally I have the thumbnail I'm going to be working from for my final, took ages but now I can start to do my final piece from number 21.

Concept 2: Pillar thumbnails

These are just quick sketches of how I'm going to do the pillars and the ceiling that are leading up to the entrance of the Cathedral. The fist one is the one I'm going to be doing, I just didn't the rest to try something different but they don't work as well as the first one.

the first one the ceiling is going to be pretty hard to get the perspective right but i think it will be worth it as it'll be very boring if the ceiling has no detail, it covers most of the image so it needs to have the detail.

Concept 2: Thumbnails

Just developing this concept, finally have a thumbnail that I like and going got use as my final number 31, Just need to work out the detail for it as I'm losing a lot of the detail in the tower and the dome as their obscured.

These are pictures from when I went into the cathedral and I really like the detail in the ceiling and how  the pillars connect to it. I think I'm going to do something similar to that.

Concept 1: Thumbnails

These are just some thumbnails I did Trying to figure out how I want my First concept to look. I've got the perspective right just need to figure out exactly what I want in the image. Getting there just need to do some more thumbnails for it.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Maya Toolkit: Pencil and Eraser character

This is my finished Pencil and Eraser characters, really liked the way they turned out.

Toolkit: Photoshop

Just doing a really quick thumbnail in photoshop, I don't really like it's a thumbnail and trying to figure out how to use photoshop. For me thumbnails take so much longer in photoshop but thats probably because i still don't really know how to use the program and all the nifty short cuts and how to effectively do a simple drawing in photoshop.

Phil showed me how to create a brush that makes it quick and easy to add all the detail Ill need in the background..makes life so much easier, and this is a thumbnail of me playing around with the brush. again not the best of thumbnails but it was fun playing around with the brush and the background is what I wanted to see not really the foreground.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Concept 3: Thumbnails

I did a few more thumbnails where the city wasn't so far away and the view is a lot closer with some foreground elements like the Cathedral tower as Budi is viewing the city from the top of the Cathedral dome. Number 14 is the one I like the most and it's the one I'm going to base my final image on, as I don't really think doing more thumbnails on this one is going to be productive as all the detail I do will be put in when I do the final image.