Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Animation Drafts

I've been quite ill for the last week so progress has been slow, but I've done a quick animation of a camera going through my environment just to show the model as a whole because there are a lot of different parts to it and it's hard to show the model through stills. And then I've been starting to work out what I'm going to be doing with the camera animation along with the music.

After listening to my music a couple of hundred times I made notes and started to form together the basis of what I want to happen with the camera. I know a lot of it will change the one part I have done has already got two separate versions both shown below.

Pre Viz Draft_02

Pre Viz Draft_02_(b)


  1. Hey Kym,

    Sorry to hear you've been poorly - nothing a great big chocolate easter egg can't fix! (Sean - take note!) Very exciting to see the 'musicality' of your pre-vis coming through in those two versions; all I'm going to say is, compositionally, just make sure that our attention is always being directed towards something 'prime' - for example, in the second version, I really like the push towards the ceiling - and how it synchs with the menace cue in the music, but then we spend a lot of time looking at the ceiling, and I felt myself getting a bit frustrated, because I wanted more information - to be 'rewarded' for being made to focus on this bit with such intensity. Just keep the 'purpose' of each shot in mind - perhaps working backwards from a strong final composition in terms of planning your shots. Anyway - this is a marathon, I know, but all the effort will pay off when you're the creator of an epic, atmospheric experience! Onwards :)

  2. I really liked Previs Draft 02 (B) the spining camera and the cuts felt really engaging :)