Thursday, 8 January 2015

New basic structure

As I have mentioned previously upon receiving the finished composed music for my animation I decided to rearrange a few things within the structure because I felt it fit better with the music. Which meant that the basic structure I had built is not longer valid. Below is a layout of how the new structure is going to be built. 

Below Is the new basic structure I made. I wasn't going to do this at first because I thought it would be a waste of time but I realised that even though I do not need to make the basic structure in order to help me model I do need it for my pre-viz, and since the changes are quite dramatic from the previous basic structure I felt it would be pointless experimenting with camera movements for a structure that no longer exists.
The scale of the rooms is quite off. It seemed that the further I moved from the basement structure where I started, the larger I made everything. So the structure as a whole should actually be slightly smaller. I feel that this doesn't matter to much because it is the the way the structure connects that's important. Also this basic structure is to work out the main camera movements and pre-viz.
Also like before I have not modelled the ceiling  and some of the walls because they are quite complicated and would take up a lot of time. Time that I feel would be better spent doing other things.

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