Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Refined Group Idea

After getting a little feedback on our first group idea Alan suggested we add more to it that we were heading in the right direction we just needed to add a bit more substance to it. So as a basic outline the following is our more refined group idea.
  • Our character is on a train plugged into his iPod completely oblivious to anything around him. Zooming into whats on his iPod its some cover art from the 80's, zooming into that it becomes a poster on a wall in our character bedroom.
  • Panning across from the poster you settle on the character whose dancing around the room listening to their Walkman and they knock over a box and out pops an old dusty radio. The camera rotates so the radio is the right way up.
  • Zooming out you see the radio become brand new and its sitting on a shelf in a living room playing a famous speech from Churchill. Zooming into the speaker it becomes a vinyl record that's playing a waltz type song. 
  • Panning around you see our character practicing dancing with a broomstick, they get interrupted by a knock on the door, dropping the broomstick they head towards the door. The whole scene then reverses itself back through the dancing with the broomstick and to when he entered the room from a different door. 
  • Going through that door it's an inventors room with lots of ideas on the wall and you follow the character who sits at the desk and on the desk is the blue prints and idea from the phonograph. 
There are still a few bits that need to be fiddled with and we need to put this idea into script format but this is the basic story we are working with. Alan says that we really need to focus on the style of our animation for this idea to work well and be interesting as it's quite linear. So something as a group we need to figure out is how we are going to style the animation to make it work. 

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