Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Initial style ideas for the Group project

We have 5 Scenes for our animation:

  • Ipod- Modern Times
  • Walkman- 80's 
  • Stereo- 1920-1960's 
  • Vinyl- 1906-1920
  • Phonograph- 1877-1900
We are thinking for having a progressively changing style for each of these scenes to fit with the times and to make it a lot more interesting. So starting off with the first scene I've been looking at different types of styles of animation that I think express modern times quite well.

This first animation although a good style for modern I think it might work really well for the Stereo time period, also if we did use it to show the 1920's style it would fit well with the progressing from 3D to 2D style. 

Quite like the idea of this one might be interesting to do something similar that uses image planes but with lots of texture. 

I posted this one before but I still think it's quite an interesting style and If we go for a progressive animation style that starts off with 3D and becomes more 2D as we go through each scene this style would be a nice way to start off in 3D that already looks very sketch like and would progress well into 2D. 

The next scene is a little harder, instead of looking at animations I thought I would look at posters and art style at the time, getting inspiration from that and integrating it into our animation.

Being a little more difficult I think the style that we chose for this scene really depends on how we start off the animation and how we want to finish if we are going to have just a lot of different styles together or one that becomes progressively more 2D.

Not sure where this style would fit in but I do quite like it and it could be quite interesting to intergrate into our animation. 

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