Thursday, 7 February 2013

Character Sketches: Little girl

So I started doing sketches of what I want the little girls face to look like. I decided the eyes would be the most important part as they would change how the face looks. I think I have the face I want I just need to look at hairstyles and start putting things together.

Started looking at children's hairstyles to try figure out the kind of hair I want. I haven't look specifically at 1940's hairstyles for the little girl because I figure that no matter what decade children tend to have similar hairstyles.

Below I did some drawings with the face I liked and some different hairstyles. I Like number 1 the best  and I think I'll move on to my other character before I come back and put everything together and start doing colour pallets on this character.


  1. Hey Kym - good stuff; just a thought, when it comes to hair on characters for cg, you should probably consider the hair as form and shape, as opposed to 'detail' like this; think of it like a paint-brush - we see the bristles as the tapering nib shape of the brush, not as individual strands. Think of it like the way the ice-cream piles up on a cornet, broad volumetric shapes - not lots of squiggles or strands. Maybe think about 'shaping' the hair, as opposed to simply drawing it. Have a go, because I think it will give you more distinctive characters quite quickly.

    1. ok thanks, this type of drawing is a little out of my comfort zone, but I'll try for my next character