Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Character Sketches: Little girl

Trying to get my idea of the little girl I have in my head on paper is quite difficult. The more eyes I draw the more confused I get about what kind of eyes I get. To many choices I think. The Image below is a quick sketch and then me getting carried away with doing different eyes.

I thought I'd leave the face for a bit and try figuring out the shape of the head and what I want her to be wearing. I've pretty much chosen the shape of the head I want but not really sure about the dress, I kind of like all of them. Might try and do another page of dresses to figure out the details I want.

The next sheet is just dresses and I really like number 6 and i thinks its going to be the one I use. Now I just need to get back to designing her face.


  1. You are right about the dresses - they are all lovely! I suppose number 6 should be a good choice, though in my opinion all of them should work just fine.

    As for the girl - be careful! Faces are tricky to design! I'd recommend LOTS of influential and inspirational pictures just to get sure what you are looking for in the design of the girl : D

    Good luck! Can't wait to see more : )

    1. Thanks :)..yea the face Ahhh!! a little nervous about that but I'm hoping that it will eventually come to me lol