Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New Ideas

Since I was struggling so much with where to go with my story my creative partner Sam and I put together a mind map to help get the ideas flowing. Eventually arriving at an idea. Below is the mind map. 

With my idea I still need to figure out the first and second act. I know what I'm doing for my last scene and how my story will end, now I just need to work backwards and figure out how I'm going to start it. So coming up with some ideas on traps and how people lure their unsuspecting victims.

  • A child crying on the street lost and can't find their house, tells you their address and you take them there walk them into the house to make sure their safe inside. Then your trapped. 
  • Child's kitten is stuck on the roof they ask you to get it the only way to get up there is with a ladder that happens to be inside. 
  • The house is on fire and a young women is in hysterics as her child/husband/sister/brother etc.. is still trapped inside, heroic young man runs inside to help and discovers the house is not really on fire.
I couldn't really think of any more ways of luring someone to your house, to a shop or a museum or something along those lines would be a lot easier but people are always suspicious if your like "want to come to my house?" especially to someone you don't know.
I think I'm going to run with the first idea where the child is lost, children in horror stories and always more terrifying, as you see them as innocent. 

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