Thursday, 24 January 2013

Like for Like storyboard: Scott Pilgrim vs the world

I'm doing my like for like on Scott Pilgrim Vs the world, I found it very difficult and it took me quite a while to do, I didn't realize just how many changes to the camera angle there were. I had to play the clip quite a few times and in slow motion before I managed to get all the camera angles. I have the clip of the 30 seconds I story boarded below. My storyboard starts at 1.30 on the video clip.

Storyboard Like for Like


  1. Hey Kym - good to see you doing this, but I'm not sure why you're colouring it in? The point of this exercise is to understand the grammar of film, and these drawings suggest you might be using this exercise to perhaps 'not to' the bit of this project that you're finding more challenging...

    1. I didn't realise we were not ment to colour it in :/ it was just easier to do it that way and I thought it looked better.