Saturday, 13 October 2012


Still trying to figure out how to show this first concept. The really frustrating thing is I can see it in my head but as soon as I try putting it down on paper it comes out as something completely different. It's the same with all of them but the other two concepts it's an easy fix just need to bring the image closer and make everything bigger with this one not that easy, so I'm just going to keep on drawing thumbnails of it until I get it right. I did like 15 a bit but then it's still to far away. I want to get everything in the picture just from eye level so your seeing it through his eyes, except when I do it that way you can see much so I need to figure out away around that. 

This is just working out the design for the cathedral I want it to be really big and imposing like he's looking up at it and it towers over him. But this is just working out some of the details in it because so far I've just been doing it in basic shapes as I have't figured out its details yet.


  1. For me, the second image (the basic shape of the cathedral)the angle of it looks more interesting. :)Just a little suggestion, If you're having it in your character's perspective and he's looking up, maybe have a look at 3- point perspective?