Saturday, 13 October 2012

Artist research

Björn Hurri
His artwork I really like, because of the style and just the way he creates the images. He really captures the mood and feel of the environment around the characters in the image, especially in the one below, and that's something I really need to do in my own work, is capture the mood. 

Björn Hurri Concept Art and Illustration

Alex Mandra
Really love the scale and angles he uses in his pictures, It makes the environment in the images so imposing and all encompassing. Which again is something I need to integrate into my images. 

Alex Mandra Concept Art and Illustration

Simon Goinard
He has such an interesting style to the way he does his art work don't really know how to describe it and if I could I'd love to be able to do something like this but I don't think my skills in Photoshop are quite there yet. 

Looking at all this work it makes me think that my main problem with my own work is the scale I really need to work out the scale in a way that I can see everything I want to in the image yet its still imposing. Once I work out the scale I think everything else will follow a little easier.

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