Tuesday, 2 October 2012

New Concept 1

With my first concept Phil brought to my attention that I was concentrating to much on the people/animals in an environment and I needed to focus more on the environment itself. So I needed to chose a different passage for two of my concepts as they were both focusing on the people/animals in both.

"It seemed much more like an outer suburb now with fewer houses and those broken up by vacant site, lawns and play areas, though the traffic on the main roads was no less busy. the fog had lifted: it felt cold and dry and soon the soot-red disc of the sun appeared, its edges sharply defined in the dirty sky. Here and there a few improvised dwellings stood, made out of cardboard or the carcasses of old buses, while in the distance a rust-coloured slag heap closed off the horizon."


  1. yes - much more evocative: there was also a description I remember in that extract describing 'chimneys, chimneys everywhere...' I really encourage you to think boldly and stylistically about this space; there's something appreciably 'arty' about this book, something expressionistic and a bit 'avant-garde'. Your author is hungarian, which is worth exploring in terms of a cultural art style or range of colours or similar. There maybe a hungarian painter who depicted cities, for example. I don't think you've posted your research of your author yet, and I think digging into his profile, influences etc. is going to help you create some memorable spaces. You should also familiarise yourself with the term 'kafka-esque' - which is often used in association with Metropole.

  2. oh - also in connection with stylised images of architectural forms, check out Vorticism.

    1. Ok thanks, once I've done my other influence maps I'll start researching deeper into other artists and their styles and verythig :)