Monday, 1 October 2012

Creative Partnership

For our crerative partnership I'm teamed with Akinbiyi Babarinde Megan Howett  we have decided we are going to meet up once a week to just discuss our work and just help eachother out.

Week 2
This is our first conversation on Facebook planning on when we would meet up and everything.

Kym Mumford
hey so the three of us are creative partners and we need to meet up sometime and start helping each other out with the work and everything. so was thinking since we are all free monday how about we all meet up in the base room at like 11am? Xx
Akinbiyi Slice
Yeah sounds good, but how should we record what we do though
Kym Mumford
Hmmm I'm not sure video? If someone has a video camera. X
Akinbiyi Slice
Yeah a camera could work, cause we could just upload a video every week documenting what we do x
I was thinking more like recording audio and just uploading it to our blog every week sort of like a podcast. x
Kym Mumford
Yea can do that to...but I don't have anything that can record audio :) X
Akinbiyi Slice
We could ask phill for that mic he uses to record our lectures, Cause we could have text and stuff we wrote to help each other on our blog and at the bottom we'll have audio like every week
Kym Mumford
Yea true I'm sure he won't mind if we borrow it for like an hour or so..we can ask him tomorrow about it. X
Akinbiyi Slice
Yeah hopefully :). x
..but that does sound like a lot of work though :/ but i guess whatever one's easier and quicker to do we'll just do that :) x
Kym Mumford
I think just recording it while we talk is easiest..means all we have to do is upload work :)..or little work anyway
Akinbiyi Slice
Yeah alright cool, then seeing as it's a 5 week thing we'll just have 5 post on our blog about our partnership. So think each week we'll just talk about one part of our project to help each other, like week 1 "thumbnails", week2 "film reviews" I dunno...something like that
Kym Mumford
Yea we can do that :). X

Megan couldn't make it for the first meeting but we continued on with discussing the work and what we have done so far and some of the ideas we have so far. Akinbiyi's book is the "The lost World" and he needed a few images to give him some inspiration with one of his ideas. Since I live in kenya I have a few photos that I've taken, some of them are as follows:

After Phil told me that I needed to focus my environments a little more on the actual environment rather than the people and animals in the environment I took another look at my book excerpt and found a few different passages. I couldn't deside between two passages and Akinbiyi helped see which one was the better one to go for in the end. In the first passage I like the wast land feel of it and the park, but the second passage has a bit more of a wider scope to it and Akinbiyi, made me realise it was more interesting that the first passage.

Week 3

This week all we did was when we saw eachother we would chat about our work and just bounce ideas off eachother and see how we were getting on if we were falling behind or anything like that. And try to motivate eachother to do the work.

Week 4

We had a little competition to see who could do the most thumbnails as I hadn't done any yet and Akinbiyi takes about an hour to do one thumbnail, it worked quite well got both of us doing more thumbnails and motivated us to do work.

Week 5

Last week of the project and we just trying to help eachother finish off the work and figure out the small pieces we haven't done so made lists of everything and helped design our CD covers as that was a bit difficult in the beginning. 
Comments on Blog
  • Kymberly Mumford12:49 PM Really nice influence maps :). I think in the 3rd piece the top image that has the perspective from worms eye view is really interesting and works really well for creating the impression of fear.
  • Kymberly Mumford12:11 PM Thumbnails are looking really good :), there's a concept artist James Clyne who has this one image that I think would be a great refrence for you

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