Friday, 10 October 2014

Who is commissioning the project?

During my tutorial it was suggested that I find out who my project is for, who has commissioned my piece. Doing this I'll be able to point my project in the appropriate direction, deciding whether I'll need a voice over, a music track or if it'll be educational ect..
I was given a few ideas to look at making my project into an informative interactive app, or having an instillation piece in an Art gallery/Museum, or as an animated short for the Art/History Channel. I thought I would give a bit of research into each before I decided what I was going to do.

Interactive App

For the Interactive app the basic idea would be to separate the environment into different areas that can be chosen by the viewer and explored. Information about Piranesi and different aspects of his life can be given depending on which area has been chosen.
For this idea I would fake the interactive aspect and only make certain areas and have certain information that is given, but it would appear to the viewer that they have the choice to chose many other options if they decided to.
A recent graduate Bharathi Anthonysamy for his Major project created Num Num, an interactive game where you need to feed the character Num Num.

Below is a video tutorial on a book that you can download an app for and over certain pages if you hover your phone, or tablet over it then it plays a video. If you fast forward the video to 7.30 then it demonstrates the use of the phone app with the book. 

Art Galleries/ Museums

I think there is quite a big distinction between if I chose to do this project for an Art Gallery or an Art Museum, because with an Art Gallery the project can become quite abstract and very "Arty" for lack of a better word. Where as with an Art Museum the project can be more informative or representative, something that would accompany an exhibition of Piranesi's work. A lot like the 12 minute animation made by Gregoire Dupond, that I posted in a previous post. Maybe something that has a voice over of someone talking about Piranesi and his work. I would quite like to take the project in this direction but I am a little unsure as to exactly how I would do it, and if I did have a voice over what the content would be.
With an Art Gallery I could take it in a really abstract way make it all representative and about the mind. I would have the animation an experience into the labyrinths of the subconscious and explore the idea of being trapped. A lot like how Thomas De Quincy describes Piranesi's prisons in his book Confessions of an English Opium Eater. This is also an idea I am quite attracted to because I think it would be quite interesting creating the environment in this way.

Art/History Channel

If I did it this way then It would be similar to the way I would do it for an Art Museum except I would make it more educational and a voice over would be necessary. It would information about Piranesi, specifically about him around the time when he created the Prisons series. I'm not sure if I want to go this root I prefer the Art Galleries/ Museums root.

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