Monday, 6 October 2014

Piranesi's Versions of "Le Carceri"

Through my research I have discover that Piranesi had two versions of Le Carceri the first state prints were published in 1750, were called "Invenzioni Capric di Carceri" by Piranesi and consisted of 14 etchings, untitled and unnumbered, with a sketch-like look. For the second publishing in 1761, all the etchings were reworked and numbered I–XVI. Numbers II and V were new etchings to the series. Numbers I through IX were all done in portrait format, while X to XVI were landscape.

First edition of "Invenzioni Capric di Carceri" 14 etchings in 1750
Second edition of "Invenzioni Capric di Carceri" renamed as "Carceri d'invenzione" 16 etchings 1761

The second edition of the Prisons were a bit darker, they had more substance to them. The second edition of the prints are what I'm going to work with for my project. 

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