Thursday, 20 February 2014

More collages

Here are the rest of my collages, I ended up using very few of my photos that I had left since they were not abstract images it was quite difficult to manipulate them into something usable that didn't still look like the original photo. I started to repeat the same process that I had used on some of the other images and came up with the same results, but I think I have quite a few collages to work with some of them are definitely more usable than the others, so now what I'll be doing is start to bring all these collages into something recognisable as a city.


  1. 31 has promise - already looking like some kind of structure, and 37 looks like an element of an imposing structure - and in terms of textures, the red images have potential too! 35 looks like it could be very architectural - if you were to make it black and white - it's reminiscent of the work of Lebbeus Woods:

    and Zaha Hadid:

  2. Hi - please complete the survey and then leave a 'done it' comment on the ISS post: see link:

    Many thanks!