Friday, 17 January 2014

Map Ideas

One of the ways that was suggested that I move in-between my different laws since they are state specific. So instead of just having a map of the USA and moving around it I thought it might be interesting if on the map there are various other images that are typically american or typical to specific states, just to give the viewer a little more to look at as you move around on the map.  So I looked into things that are quintessentially american and how people have put them into infographics of their own. Below are some of the results I found. Not sure yet if I want to go down this route but it's an interesting idea to look into.

What I might do with this is on my map is have images that depict some of the other laws that I don't have in my final 10 because each state has so many and I'm not showing them all in my infographic might be a nice way to still acknowledge the others. 

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