Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Adaptation B: Influences

I thought I would start doing some more research for my adaptation B project. The first sheet is research on how other people have interpreted "The City of Dis". The second and third are just a few images that I found interesting in one way or another either because of their composition, colour or their content. Then lastly the fourth page is some images of Architecture from Italy and Greece. Although after my tutorials my influences will probably change.


  1. I suggest starting with a doconstruction of the text instead of jumping ahead into visual work. Remember you're looking for an 'angle' to turn this into something unique. Try to stay away from too much 'High Fantasy' / historic architecture to begin with. What does the text represent?

  2. *doconstruction = deconstruction

    1. Thanks, I'll do a bit more research into some other areas, but I already have done the deconstruction of the text in a previous post I uploaded the text I'm doing along with the notes I made on it at the end. It was in a scribd document, but I could probably go through it some more and approach deconstructing it a different way