Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Adaptation B: The City of Dis

During my tutorial last week with Alan we discussed the direction I'll be taking this project in. It was suggested I avoid the high fantasy route as this could come up as being quite clique, but it is the direction I would quite like to go in. So after a little more discussion it was decided that I would go with a lot of detail and make the environment as disturbing as possible.  Trying to capture the feeling of oppression, horror and terror described by Dante in the passage. As well as capturing Dante's new lack of empathy he feels towards the sinners as this is where Dante begins to feel that the punishments inflicted upon the sinners are justified, where as before he thought they were harsh and occasionally fainted and cried when confronted with the results of the punishments.
Alan showed me an Artist by the name of Meats Meier who uses Maya, Zbrush, After effects ect.. to create all his work. The videos below are two that I particularly liked their quite creepy, and it is definitely something like I would like to do with my own environment. Having lots of bodies that have subtle moment within my environment will add the the unsettling feel of it.
The rest of his artwork can be found here on his website http://www.3dartspace.com/

It was also suggested that since I am going to be going into a lot of detail with my model that I focus on a small area. So I have decided that I want to focus on just outside the walls with the gate, then what you see inside the city when the gates open. I really want to focus on the gate quite a lot and make it one of the main focuses not just the inside of the city.
Look at some more inspiration Alan pointed out that the ministry of magic statue for the Harry Potter films is quite incredible and depicts oppression quite well.
Then I just found a few more images that I quite like the look of.

Mike Butkus

William Blake

Inside the Basilica di San Petronio there is a fresco painting done by Giovanni da Modena called "The Inferno" which is based on Dante's The Divine Comedy and it is an incredibly detailed painting.

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