Wednesday, 4 December 2013

@Alan Scaling problem

We scaled the scene to fit the character but it has messed up the lighting even though we scaled the lights with the scene. I've tried scaling the character to fit the scene where the lighting is correct but it goes all funny. Is there a way to fix this or is there a way to properly scale lights to keep all the lighting intact?


  1. ok, it look like you haven't connected the scale of the bound joints (under the folicles) in the spine to the scale of your main control.

    1) Reset the character to its original scale
    2) Open the connection editor and load in the main control (left column)
    3) Load in all three spine joints (just the ones under the folicles) in the connection editor (right column)
    4) Link the scale (x y and z) of the main control to each of the scales (x y z) of each of the spine joints

    1. Thank you! Its not that obvious in the image above but the eyebrows scale out from his head and look like little caps, is that the same fix just connecting the translates to the main control?

  2. How have you made the eye brows ctrls? The same as the tutorials?

  3. NOTE: If things still don't work you can always scale the room up instead. Just put everything (excluding the character) in a group (lights, geometry, cameras etc) and scale them to suit.