Monday, 11 November 2013

Character design: Body

 For my characters I thought I would start off with some poses with each one I chose 3 poses which I will be taking forward for my characters and drawing them in once I've designed them.

Below is my basic characters body shapes. My villains will possible change once I have designed him but for now that's what I'm going to be going with. Their sizes to one another are not in proportion though, my villain will be significantly larger than the other two. 

To understand some of the anatomy of my characters I did some sketches of the muscles and the skeleton so that when I put skin over my characters I have the muscle in the right places. Also for my villain I'm thinking of having him very muscled and considering having tree roots/vines and possible thorns in his anatomy following the muscle structure so I really need to understand the correct anatomy of the muscles, and my sidekick is quite skinny so needed to understand the bones a bit more as well. My villain is actually based on a real native american god, the only description of him is that he is wolf like so I'm thinking of combining the wolf with trees and vines. That way all of his design comes from nature and since some of the better known elder gods have tentacles I thought that tree roots could be a good substitute for this. So below are my anatomy sketches and some tree root sketches.

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