Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Story ideas

I was looking into the social effects of the industrial revolution and I became quite interested in how it effected the farmers in a negative way. I don't have properly formed ideas that have a beginning and an end I just have starting points that could be formed into a more elaborate story.

Idea 1
One of my ideas for a story is showing the life of one farmer and how when the industrial revolution started they were forced to buy new machinery to be able to keep up with the times. The farmer goes into debt purchasing new machinery to discover they could farm more land to pay off the machine. They then go into debt to buy new land to pay off the machinery only to find they needed more and/or larger machines to do the work on the increased area they are farming. And this is like a small cycle.

Idea 2
The over population of London at the time was from the large amount of people that were moving from farms to the city. Following the life of a young teenage boy that leaves his farm and family to move to the big city of London in hopes of making something more of his life. He gets to the city starts work in a factory and fast forward a few years it shows you that he's gone from the happy you man he was to a run down unhappy man that works on a factory assembly line, he goes back to his dingy tiny apartment that barley fits his bed, and it continues to show what his life has become.

The below animations are just some animations I came across that I quite liked their style. Their content doesn't have anything to do with the industrial revolution.

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