Sunday, 27 October 2013

Character Project: Character sheets and Back stories and Logline

The return of Malsumis is a an Action/Horror about a young hunter/protector of the Abenaki Tribe, Tokalah, who after his brother Anoki decides to follow him on one of his hunting trips goes missing, and rumours of an ancient evil are heard. Fearing for his brother Tokalah goes in search of Anoki hoping to bring him home, but it soon becomes clear that the rumours of the ancient evil are true and that Malsumis one of the Elder Gods has escaped and taken possession of Anoki's body. Now Tokalah is faced with the daunting task of saving his brother and defeating the Ancient Elder God. 

Tokalah is part of the Abenaki tribe located in the North Eastern United States. The tribe leads a simple life and live off the land. They have strong beliefs and they have legends that the tribe's ancestors are the guardians of the ancient Elder Gods, and it was through them that the Elder Gods were finally contained and banished. However these stories have lost their meaning and there are few who still believe or give them credence. 
Tokalah is one of the tribes best hunters and fighters, he is well respected, is an honourable man and one of the tribes protectors.  He has a younger brother who he is fiercely protective over, since their parents died in a raid from another tribe. Tokalah still considers his brother as a child, and has always refused to take him on hunting trips as he sees it as being to dangerous.  

He doesn't remember much of his parents as they were killed while he was quite young but Tokalah has always looked after him and the two of them have always been very close. Anoki idolises his brother and wishes to follow in his footsteps. As he's still young he does foolish things sometimes and acts rashly, at these times he is always compared to his brother and members of the tribe remark on how Tokalah never acted so rashly. Always trying to prove himself to his brother and the other members of the tribe. 

Malsumis is an Elder God of the Abenaki tribe. He’s the god of evil and was one of the more powerful Elder Gods, he plots the downfall of man and once ruled alongside the other Elder Gods until their rain of terror was ended by the Abenaki tribe whose elders figured out a way to banish the Elder Gods and contain them. Their spirits still try to find release and as long as no one ventures near where they are contained they can never escape.

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