Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Character Lesson

For our character design lesson today we looked at how characters are designed and the shapes that are involved in making them. Todays lesson was really interesting and I think I learnt quite a lot that will be very useful in creating my own characters. In the lesson we were given each given a character and then asked to re-draw it but simplifying it into the basic shapes that make it up. After that we were asked to make subtle changes to the shapes to see how it would affect the character. 
My character was danger mouse. The first page shows my simplified drawing of danger mouse and his basic shapes and then the smaller drawings on the side and the second page were my attempts at making changes to those shapes. 

Our next task was to bring in some character concept art that we like and a style that we would be trying to achieve in our own project. We were then asked to re-draw this character, but in a different style. So if the original was realistic we had to simplify it, if it was simple then you had to make it realistic. My image was quite realistic and below is my image as well as my attempts to make it simple. 

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