Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Structure of a eukaryotic plant cell:

I've finally decided that I'll be doing the structure of a eukaryotic plant cell. I want to look at inspiration from nature and take my art direction in that way. So below are some influence maps of images I found where i particularly like the colours or shapes and textures.

The below two images are ones I found of other peoples artistic interpretation of cells, not necessarily eukaryotic ones. I really love the colours and just the whole style of it. Looking at the amazing colour combinations that are naturally found occurring in nature inspires me to really go for it in terms of colours for this project. Something that always grabs people and holds their attention is images that are brightly coloured, you can't help but notice them, no matter your age. 

Getting quite carried away with looking at different types of images I'm quite drawn to making the structure of my cell like an alien world that can be explored. I think looking and approaching the project this way the students that need to learn this topic would be slightly more interested. 
Below is another influence map that has more images that I liked the textures of. I think as well as having the colours quite solid and vibrant I want there to be lots of texture so it looks like like there are lots of thin layers upon other thin layers to create a solid object.

I need to think a bit more now about how my animation is going to go, now that I'm a little more clear of the art direction of it. I was thinking of looking into "Alice in Wonderland" as inspiration. 

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