Friday, 8 March 2013

Online Greenlight Review


  1. OGR 10/03/2013

    Morning Kym,

    Okay - so we've had a discussion about your immersive 'build-up' idea for your animation and I've stressed the importance therefore of really controlled camera work and clear, choreographed sequencing of the various elements as they 'materialise' out of the dark. I really like how explorative you're being, using your background in photography, and your emphasis on colour is clear.

    Your big challenge is organising the audience's visual experience, so I suggest you create a 'thumbnail animatic' asap - you need to panel out how this is going to work visually - and not delay, because there is an implied complexity to both the way things are going to reveal, but also the integration of the text elements. You should think about music too - what identity you want your film to have in terms of music, because as expressed when we spoke, it seems logical to me that there should be a close synch-up between the sequencing of the visual information and the beats/rhythm/syncopation of the soundtrack. The key to the success of your film is CONTROL - everything has to feel measured and planned - or it could fly apart as too abstract or too frenetic. You need to get this idea onto a timeline + music as soon as possible.

    It would also be good to see some concept art that communicates your 'immersive' approach - i.e. show me what you mean by putting the audience 'inside' from the very beginning.

  2. some examples of integrated text you might find interesting: