Wednesday, 6 March 2013

looking for some inspiration

Looking at more inspiration for my project, to try get more of a solid idea of what I'm going to be doing. I came across an artist Luke Jerram who has done some amazing work creating viruses out of glass and they really look amazing. Here is the link to his website and below are some images of his work. It would be really interesting to explor how light and colours look when they are combined with the glass, might be nice to experiment a bit and see what kinds of things I can come up with.

HIV false colour


small, smallpox sculpture

I stumbled across this little weird animation. I really like all the colours in it and the way everything is animated to to pop up so you see the world they are in created from nothing. Might be quite an interesting way to start my own animation, rather than doing the same as everyone else and starting from outside and then go in. 

The guy who did the following has a few videos he has done his name is Ben Ridgway I really like the style, It's very different and abstract. They are really interesting to watch.

this is a very weird video but it actually gave me quite an interesting idea of what I could do for my animation. I will need to ask Alan if there is a technique in maya that will make this easier for me or if it will be just a lot of work in after effects, but I would like to have it so you watch the cell build itself around you (the camera) and I can make it so you explore around while you see the various structures of the build themselves. I could have it with a voice over that talks about each part as it builds itself or have music and have writing that gives information or just have music. But I think it could look really cool and I would like it with lots of colour and movement.

I also wanted to look at a few videos that actually explain cell structure, and see how other people have chosen to show this kind of information. the first video is the usual voice over video that explain each part, not really something that grabs your attention but it's easy to follow and understand and has a lot of useful information in it.

This video is more visual but it's quite interesting and nicely done. I like the way as it's animated the video is paused to give you the name of the structure your seeing and then continues. 


  1. I love the top influence for luke jerrem (the one with bright colours and what at first glance appears to be cheerios floating in a sphere like shape, something very Dali and very surreal to the composition which I really think could go a long way if you chose to explore that root. Wicked research Kym!

  2. Have a look at Dale Chihuly.