Friday, 8 March 2013

Dayl Chihuly

Dale Chihuly
Tom Beg pointed me in Dale Chihuly's direction. I really like his work I think it looks amazing his paintings as well as his glass work. With my textures at the moment I'm just playing around with layers and effects and coming up with some interesting abstract images. But if I'm going to do this with my textures I need to find a more uniform effect that I can alter slightly but still looks as if they are from the same thing. Also I think I need them to be slightly less complex otherwise with all the colours and textures it will just look a bit of a mess. For this I'm quite liking The third image down with the vases. Each vase is different but they have a coherency with them and I think trying a few thumbnails that have the similar effect would be quite good. 

I also really like the images below and how there are all these spiral shapes that look like they are reaching out. This might be the way I get my cell to build itself, in spiral tendrils that reach out and then wrap around themselves to form the organelles. 

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