Monday, 14 January 2013

Story Telling and commission: Initial idea

Form my character I have a Butterfly Hunter, prop is a catapult and then my environment is a haunted house.
I have the basic basis to my story without my detail, keep changing how I want the story. But so far I was thinking, having my butterfly hunter outside hunting this one elusive butterfly, he's frustrated that he can't catch it especially when it flies up high so he uses a catapult to try get up high enough to catch it but it goes wrong he misses the butterfly and ends up landing right in front of the haunted house, curious he goes in wonders around, until he catches sight of the butterfly, he runs after it, but its not the butterfly, house comes alive and chases him out, where he stumbles out of the house and right in front of him is the butterfly again.
Still need to work out quite a few details but as far as the direction of the story that's what I'm thinking so far.

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  1. something for you to think about... in Greek, butterfly means 'soul' - so maybe your 'butterfly hunter' is in fact a collector of souls - and where might this butterfly hunter find lots of lost souls for collecting? A haunted house, perhaps... remember, 'catapult' can signify any object that propels an object at speed via a catapult mechanism; I'm wondering perhaps, if there might be a Ghostbusters riff going on here - for instance, once your butterfly hunter as collected his souls, how might he return them to their proper place on the 'other side'?