Thursday, 15 November 2012

Secret Lair: Thumbnails

These are some thumbnails for my secret Lair, I struggled at first to get the right perspective but I finally got I the way I wanted in thumbnail 4.

The next few thumbnails I decided to play around with the arrangement of the room, but after that I've decided I like thumbnail 4 the best, I'm going to play around with the Items in the room and the details but that is the perspective I'm going to use. 


  1. 4 seems most interesting and I can see it in maya the environment behind the door way could be a matte painting! looking good kym keep them coming

  2. Hi Kym - just a note to take into the next set of posts; your pencil lines are very faint on here, so how about using the levels and/or brightness and contrast in Photoshop to turn them into something more punch - nice, black line illustrations - also - just consider cropping off the spiral binding too - will just give your posts more 'pow!' :)