Friday, 30 November 2012

Photoshop exercise

Phil gave us a quick Photoshop exercise to help free up our drawing. This is a really good way of getting thumbnails gives you a lot of ideas you would never come up with any other way and also produces a lot of work in a short amount of time.

 After we had done the panels we had to chose one and work into it for 10 minutes. Below is my 10 minute concept art.
I think for my next project I will work my thumbnails like this, it's the best way, would have been good to start my projects like this from the beginning but it takes a while to break out of certain habits.


  1. Love these, Kym - really expressive :)

  2. The developed one is amazing!
    I would love to see it fully finished! : D

  3. I love the colour schemes you've used. The final image is so beautifully alien. Nice work!

  4. exactly what I wanted to see from you Kym, keep doing these, your digital painting will improve dramatically. Nice choice of colours, keep up the energy in your painting, no more labouring for hours, unless it's finishing details.. More of this this friday...