Friday, 16 November 2012

OGR: Secret Lairs

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  1. OGR 18/11/2012

    Hi Kym,

    Okay - so you've got quite a conventional set-up here - essentially an office with some occult bits and pieces - but this isn't necessarily a weakness in design terms if you really nail the reality of that space - everything from skirting boards, to proper proportion of the bookcases, to proper proportions for the doors, attention to detail in terms of real world reference. I want you to really look at the references you've collected, and apply all the actual details of real interior spaces to yours (cornices, picture rails, actual real world width of floorboards).

    I think, giving the sort of space that is, that you could include some additional layers of occult reference - for example, there could be some paintings on the walls with subtle occult content - for example, he might have some Goya or Dore engravings on his wall, or other icons of the devil from the world of fine art painting - a sign of his wealth and his character too - put simply, you could appropriate these images from the world of art and include them as 'themselves' on the walls of his office. Likewise, Mirrors are famously associated with the devil too, so maybe this is another element to lend interest to your environment - layers of occultism perhaps less 'Scooby Doo' than the blood on the table-cloth?

    If you're going to use all that floor space, you might as well use it to your advantage - it could be a surface including enough pentagram, for example - or similar...

    I think it fascinating that the colours associated with the devil - red and black - are also the colours of a casino, and I think, in production design terms, you could probably use this linkage to your advantage.

    So - put simply - you need to work very hard at making this space credible in terms of its real world manufacture in order to lift your set out of genericism - you have your mission!

    Oh and something else for a bit of occult inspiration - a second year project from last year - digital set + particle effects etc.