Thursday, 15 November 2012


Here are some more thumbnails working out more of the details in the room so when I take it into Maya I know exactly what I need to be modelling. The first page of thumbnails is just working out the wooden panelling I'll be using on the walls. I think the square panelling with possible the design of a pentagram inside is what I'll use. When I come to doing this in Photoshop I'll see if the pentagram inside works if not then I'll just use the square panelling.

Below is a few thumbnails with a close up of the desk and what will be on it. I think that's where I'll have my hero prop laid open on the desk, with a glass decanter of scotch and a cigar. The chairs going to be leather in the design of the antique red chair I have on my influence map. 


  1. i like how much detail you are putting into your scene, :) the only thing would be maybe the book might get lost amongst the other objects? maybe the book could be made bigger compared to the scotch bottle etc.

    1. Yea your right I should probably put the bottle on the otherside of the table so the book isn't blocked