Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hero prop Ideas

When I first got this project I had no idea what I was going to do about my hero prop, my first thoughts were of possibly a gun which was an hire loom or an antique that my character had collected or stolen. Then after talking to Phil a bit and he suggested that I need to figure out my characters story first which might help and have a hero prop that was tied to the fact he was un-dead and maybe it was a book of black magic which he used to become un-dead or some item that tied him to a curse that made him un-dead. So I decided to create an influence map to give myself a few ideas.

Also started to think that if my character did make a deal with the devil or used black magic or voodoo to become un-dead there may be sacrifices that have to be made at an alter so maybe a sacrificial knife would be really good as a hero prop.

These thumbnails I did as a way of seeing if while I put down some of the ideas for the hero prop if I got any inspiration while doing. The book was quite nice to do and got a few ideas with that and the sacrificial knife gave me quite a few ideas, and I might put it into my scene even if I don't use it as a hero prop, but the pistol didn't really inspire me much.

After thinking a bit more about who my character is and after I did a bit more research on Mob Boss's and I can across Kingpin, I really liked the idea of my character having a cane as a hero prop. Also with Kingpin's cane it has a concealed laser which he sometimes uses would nice to have something similar but maybe a prick of poison, or some blood that has something to do with how he became un-dead. So I did another influence map to accommodate the change in my idea. I want the top decoration on the cane to have some type of meaning to my character, maybe an animal he identifies with. I guess the way he obtains the cane will be important either he collects it, buys it or its a gift. I think maybe having it as something he has collected off one of his victims or a gift as part of his transformation into the un-dead.
While doing research for my influence map I started to think of having the cane compact with symbols that all have different meanings such as their linked with power, eternal life etc...


  1. Hey the book idea looks awesome I love your ideas and the design you've done for the corners!

  2. I agree with George I think book is a great idea, I like the 3D element to the cover of it, you could play around with extruding on maya with it... looking forward to seeing your ideas come to life :)!