Friday, 12 October 2012


Concept 1
With this concept I'm finding it the hardest to visualize what it needs to look like. It's one of those things that I'm not sure what I want to do but as soon as I see it I'll know it's right. So at the moment its all about trying to get what I want into the image.

Concept 2
This one is a lot easier for me to visualize what I want it's just trying to get the angle right at the moment number 11 is the one I like the most.

 Concept 3
This one is quite hard to do thumbnails for as what's really going to make it is the details and the colours. In the end there are only so many different ways to draw a city, but I did figure out that when I start my final piece I need to map out where I want the roads first as it gives the whole image a little more structure and the city doesn't look like it was randomly put together that way. Thumbnail 7 is my favourite one so far.

I think with the rest of the thumbnails I do will be on Photoshop (except for the thumbnails from concept 1 , still need to figure out how I want the image laid out), so I can start playing around with detail and colour and get used to the program a little more before I start my final pieces.

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