Sunday, 7 October 2012

"The Cabinet of Dr. Calagari" (1920) Robert Wiene

Dans cabinet des dr caligari.pdf


  1. 'Tom' Burton?

    Also - you've got some hefty quotes in there, Kym - and my gut instinct is that maybe the balance is a bit strategic (i.e. more quotes, less you). For example, there's no hard and fast rule re. length of quotes, but that section about Debbie Reynolds and Singing in the Rain reads bizarrely in this context - because the quote is alluding to something so outside of the context of the review and assumes fore-knowledge on the behalf of the reader of a completely different film. This quote in particular feels a bit like padding. Likewise, in that other HUGE quote, you allude to artists and filmakers without actually proving that you a) know who they are and b) truly understand their influence. You have to be really very careful of 'borrowed magic' in terms of academic writing.

    1. Ahh that's a typo I missed. Yea there were bits of the quote I wanted and other bits I didn't I wasn't sure if you could put pieces of one quote rather than the whole quote