Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Concept 3

"The sun was going down. Budai could almost feel the sky turning an inky-blue-black though it was impossible to tell whether that was because of the smoke-and soot-polluted air or because of the large rain cloud louring over the rooftops. The city spread over a plain into the distances furthur than the eye could see. Whichever way he turned there was no end to it, nothing but houses and apartment blocks, streets, suares, towers, old and new quaters of town, mildewy storm-battered rented barracks and skyscrapers faced with modern marble, main roads and alleys, factories, workshops, gasometers and the clumsy-looking great hall that he recognised even from here as the slaughterhouse. And the chimneys like so many long-necked dragons streaching towards the sky, spouting white, black, yellow and purple smoke. The wind carried the smoke, churned it, thrust it into dirty bundles and shreds, chasing it here and there even around his look-out point"
" The light started coming on in blocks, each estate or major road in one go, all the tiny pieces slowly fitting together as an entire lit area rose out of the grey-blue. There was no end of it as far as he could see. In the far distance the rows and clusters of the illumination melted into a single mass, its edges lost in glimmering fogs and milky galaxies like the starrs in the minlkey way whose light comes to us from a distance of thousans or millions of light years.."

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