Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Life drawing

Getting back into life drawing after quite a long time of not doing it was quite hard at first but Kinda got the hang of it again towards the end. Although I think next week I'll be a lot better and I'll feel more comfortable with quick sketches again. So below are the sketches I did yesterday. 


  1. Hi Kym,

    Ok - my first bit of advice! I know scanning or photographing your life drawing is a bit of a nightmare. Actually, you've done a pretty good here. My only suggestion is to remove the pinkish tint via Photoshop. The solution would be to desaturate the image completely and adjust the levels/curves/contrast until you can strike a good balance between boosting the lines out and image quality. It takes some fiddling but the resulting images are usually much more professional and clean looking.

  2. Ok thanks, I'll keep that in mind next time